weekend recovery

We’re on the tail end of a stomach bug over here; unpleasant to say the least. Isn’t it incredible how quickly kids bounce back from these things, though? It took me a full three days to return to normal. My girls were over and done with everything in around eight hours. In fact, Gemma threw up and promptly asked for a piece of chocolate.

Saturday a friend invited us to Disney on Ice – Let’s Celebrate – we couldn’t (obviously) refuse. She wore (what else?) a gown. Merida this time (a princess I can totally get behind). We walked out of the show thrilled and only carrying one small Ariel doll – an incredible feat given the merchandising machine that is Disney.

sneakers 3

Last week I decided to order a pair of wedge sneakers after seeing them on practically everyone in this city. I’m trying to be conscious about my spending (and realistic about my lifestyle!) and found a great pair on sale here. Not being sure how I’d feel about them I’m happy for not overspending – but they’ve proven to be incredibly cute and comfortable (I walked over 2 miles yesterday).

Sneakers 2

{Jacket: Katherine Barclay via Stitch Fix/Sweater: Kensie via Stitch Fix/Jeans: Gap/Shoes: Steve Madden/Scarf: JCrew}

We’re looking forward to the week ahead and another opportunity to get back on schedule. We more than fulfilled our Princess movie quota over the last seven days and although there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s always nice to be back to normal.

sneakers 4

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  1. Love your sweater coat – it’s gorgeous!

  2. You know I love my wedge sneaks!

  3. I love the fashion sneakers with your outfit.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  4. ah, I KNOW…both my kids were sick and still able to play, function, eat etc…When I am sick (or my husband for that matter) the world ends and we can’t leave the bed. hahaha.

    Glad everyone is feeling better and LOVE those kicks!!!

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