The temperatures have dipped lower than expected here in New York (for November, at least). Yesterday topped out at thirty degrees. Saturday evening my husband and I had a conversation about how cold that really is. Strangely, despite having experienced winter every year of my life, I have a difficult time putting any potential cold weather into context.

Turns out thirty degrees (+ windchill) is pretty frigid. Even Gemma (who’s absolutely winter accessory averse – SHE DOES NOT NEED MITTENS OR A HAT EVER!!!) was asking for a hat and scarf. We spent the day at the Museum of Natural History (a GREAT indoor activity), had a late lunch, and walked across the park (1.4 miles) before heading home for the day.

I actually think the cold is manageable (I am Canadian, after all) provided you’re dressed appropriately. I bought this hat when we lived in Boston (possibly one of the most difficult winters I’ve experienced as a parent). It’s funny how there’s memory in some pieces of clothing; how a hat can speak to me about a year spent in transition, my grown up girl being little, a teeny apartment, big dreams and the anticipation of what’s to come. I’ll likely never get rid of it for that reason.

Live in the Northeast? It may be time to invest in some arctic gear. I have a feeling we’re in for it this winter.

Cold 1


{jacket: Canada Goose/hat: Ralph Lauren/scarf: Banana Republic/bag: Rebecca Minkoff/boots: JCrew}

Cold 6


Cold 7

Cold 8


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  1. You guys look SO cute and cozy!

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